Principal Welcome

Educational opportunities at Taroona High are comprehensive and include the opportunity to learn in a wide variety of contexts, meeting the diverse needs of students in our care. Taroona offers an unrivaled range of courses for students years 9 and 10, developing balanced, enriched learning for students as we prepare them for the innumerable opportunities they face in their futures beyond the compulsory years of education. Students in years 7 and 8 have a program which balances the need for a range of learning experiences, support and expectation.

Our school prides itself on being an open and inclusive school community and we have worked hard to break the mold of institutionalised learning. Our timetable encourages flexibility and our curriculum is designed to cater for the individual needs, aspirations and dreams of our students. Staff and students work together to construct a learning environment that encourages participation, engagement and excellence. At the centre of all school decisions are the needs of students and meeting these needs.

Parents and carers, students and members of the school community highly value the outstanding programs available at the school. Our physical location, nestled on the shore of the Derwent Estuary, provides our students with a learning environment equal of any in the world. Our learning spaces emphasise the importance of immersing students in learning. Our Wellness programs make the most of our natural environment in this area, seeking to prepare young people to live with, and contribute to, the health of our region.

Access to technology is extensive with a mix of specialist areas for learning opportunities embedding digital technology as a tool for learning and pedagogy that fosters student individual and peer learning. Our specialist areas of Music, Fine and Performing Arts are engaging and students’ outstanding performance in these areas is exemplary.

All students are encouraged to do their best, with student achievement being recognised in a variety of ways. We take pride in the academic, sporting and cultural achievements of our students, past and present. We provide additional support for students, ensuring no child slips through the cracks.

It would be my pleasure to share our school with you and I welcome you to meet with me to view the school and witness the outstanding learning happening at Taroona High School. Please feel free to contact the office to make an appointment.

Matthew Bennell